The Future of Manufacturing

Keynote Address by Anant Goenka at the Asian Tyre and Rubber Conference The conference started with Mr. Anant Goenka’s opening statement ‘CEAT has evolved and embarked upon a transformational journey that would lead us to the Deming Prize’ and the changes that has been seen since the inception of this vertical at RPG. With a decade of experience and strategizing, CEAT shifted its focus from Volume and Cost to all PQCDSM (Production, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Morale) metrics and over the period, introduced QIPs (Quality Improvement Plans), Kaizen and Quality Circles. This led to a reduction in breakdowns, wastages, and improved quality. In 10 years, an improvement of 80-95% was noted across most of the key parameters which have been a tectonic shift. With that, he then discussed how he would want to future strategy to focus on technology and its impact on the industry. According to him, there are 2 big changes in today’s world: The conference was concluded with key points that should be kept in mind while focusing on Digital and Industry 4.0.