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Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.
— Aristotle

RPGian says

I joined Zensar Technologies back in 2014 and moved RPG Enterprises in 2018. RPG as a group really believes in giving opportunities to its associates discover their true potential and outperformance is always rewarded.


Having spent close to 6 years with the group, I have had the opportunity to handle various roles ranging across Strategy, Investor Relations, Mergers and Acquisition and Operational Excellence. Through direct interactions with the senior management across roles, my learning curve has been exceptional.


RPG truly embodies the word ‘Open Culture’. Management across companies are very accessible and are always very receptive and appreciative of new ideas.


The 6 years I have spent with the group have definitely been very enriching !


Shubham Garg – Group Corporate Finance RPG Enterprises

Only one word can describe the journey ..”Fantabulous”. The experiences in the last 4 years is far better than the earlier 7 years of my career. The most important thing is the continuous opportunity for learning.. There is an opportunity to implement what we learned and encouragement to keep learning. The plethora of opportunities and abundance of trust in an employee makes CEAT a great place to work. Being associated with CEAT means you are the MD of the domain in which you are working, and you have the full freedom to make it better. CEAT cares about every employee and Personal life is as important as professional life.

Swaroop S – Senior Manager, Manufacturing, CEAT

I had joined RPG on the first working day of the new year in 2018. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised on receiving a very warm welcome with a bouquet of flowers on my desk. However, what was even more encouraging for me was that I was told to catch a flight the same evening to get started with my first assignment! Since then, my time here at RPG has been that of immense learning and tremendous support from my peers and seniors.

One thing that I would put RPG right at the top for, is the fact that you are entrusted with large responsibilities and encouraged to see them through. No idea is too impossible, no suggestion too silly and no dream is unachievable. Usually, organisations are entrusted the responsibility of shaping the future of their employee but here at RPG, the world is your oyster!

Vinayak Talwar -Manager & Campus Lead, RPG Enterprises

I joined Zensar in 2016, as part of the RPG GMR Program. These 3-year journey has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. I came here with a lot of expectations and the opportunities that I have been presented with, have been full of challenges and exciting. I was given the task of setting up the HR Digital and Analytics Function, which truly has been remarkable. To be given the opportunity to develop a function from scratch, lead a well-rounded team of thorough professionals, has been an excellent learning for me.


The diverse and critical nature of work that I have been entrusted with and the kind of trust my managers have shown, has help me grow exponentially. I come to office every day, absolutely thrilled, knowing fully well, that I would be faced with a new set of challenges which would make the journey even more worthwhile.


The commitment and participation that I have seen at Zensar, especially from our CEO, is unheard of. Forums for discussing innovative solutions with the leadership are an everyday affair and brings real meaning to the work we do. This makes every day extremely fulfilment when I know that what I bring to the table is welcomed and appreciated.

Priyotosh Das – Manager, HR Digital and Analytics, Zensar Technologies

My RPG journey has been enriching with lot of learning opportunities. The values which guide the group and the company make it a Great Place to work. At RPG Life Sciences, its HR practices not only inspire and challenge its team to perform, but also provide an environment filled with excitement, mutual trust along with harmony to excel. The image of the Group as a diversified conglomerate makes an employee proud to be associated with the RPG brand

Mr. Suresh Kumar Proddaturi – DGM, Distribution, RPG Life Sciences

It’s been wonderful being associated with RPG group for the last 17 years. It has helped me to make a meaningful difference to the society and work. It has also given me the freedom at work which makes it enjoyable and brings out the full potential in me. HML has a diverse and dynamic workforce. Transparency, fairness and openness is the culture prevalent in this organization.

The inbound, out bound and on the job training is provided by the group is excellent . One of the core values of RPG is passion. I strongly feel if you are passionate about what you do it generates happiness and brings out the best in you!

Sunil John Joseph – Deputy General Manager-Operations, Harrisons Malayalam Limited

I joined Zensar almost 3 years ago. We were trained in Pune on Java. Close to the end of training, we were presented with an opportunity to work on Pega. I took that opportunity and relocated to Hyderabad.

It has been an upward journey ever since. With a great and friendly manager, who encourages and provides me with opportunities to get hands-on in the different aspects of a project, I have successfully worked in 4 teams over the span of 2 and 8 months, which helped me hone my technical skills and gain valuable and holistic insights of the business.

In Zensar, being part of multiple initiatives like NexZen, ZenWisdom, Zenith Toastmasters and GPTW task force helped me in sharpening my skills, and understand fresh ways of approaching a problem to effectively find solutions by working as a team.
Being associated with Zensar gives me a sense of achievement as we get opportunities to own the work that translate from our ideas. It is a great place to work!

Naman Jhawar – Software Engineer, ADS – Insurance, Zensar Technologies

I joined in 2011 and its now 9 years for me with Raychem RPG. It’s been a great journey of growth since then. The company has given me a lot of opportunities and freedom to work across large scale projects. Empowerment that Raychem gives to its employees is something that I love, and I find unique across the companies I have worked. This has indeed helped me in building my self-confidence and pushed me to deliver the best out of me.

With the trainings given to me to enhance my capabilities, the culture of openness across and the work-life balance, I truly find Raychem RPG a Great Place to work

Krunal Patel – Manager, Raychem Innovation Centre, Raychem RPG

I consider myself fortunate to have got an opportunity to work in this organization and have encountered such talented, inspiring and enthusiastic leaders who are committed to excellence. I have completed 8 years in HML and not only have I grown as professional but also as an individual.

RPG Group is a people centric organization which fosters an environment of open communication, fairness, respect and trust while creating opportunities for employees to grow!

Abhishek Kumar Singh – Manager-Operations, Harrisons Malayalam Limited

I am delighted to say that in RPG Life Sciences “Performance is progress” is true the entire field force.

RPG Life Sciences is a “Great place to work” as here we find culture, care, compensation and reorganization.

In RPG Life Sciences there is huge scope to grow and build carrier through the support by the company at all level.

RPG Life Sciences always gives a prospective platform to their employee to perform for the growth of company and reciprocally get opportunity to build carrier.

Mr. Chittaranjan Singh– Sales Manager, North, RPG Life Sciences