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We at RPG are always looking to hire the best because our people are a big part of our competitive advantage. Individuals who like to conquer challenges, explore uncharted territories and think outside the box are most welcome.

An open environment presents plenty of opportunities for you to grow and excel. Employees are encouraged to take ownership of their work, explore, be imaginative and drive innovation.

Come, become a part of the RPG family and get ready to shape the future!


#next big thing

At RPG and its diversified group companies, employees are always motivated and challenged to create, develop and imagine the next big thing in their respective fields. We believe in offering a progressive work environment that fosters ingenuity and craftsmanship through thoughts & ideas.

#inclusive leadership

People at RPG are trained and guided to be natural leaders in their respective fields. We make sure that employees at various levels in the organization are cherished and honed to be the next line of leaders and performers. A collaborative work environment is what attracts the best of industry professionals at RPG.


#GROW beyond

Growth is a never-ending journey. At RPG, growth is the true path of passion, performance and dedication. We always strive for innovation that is future-driven. The zeal to find the next problem and solve it with our expertise and knowledge is what becomes the core of our action.

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