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RPG Life Sciences is focused on exploring new ways to facilitate access to safe and affordable medicines. It is a niche developer of pharmaceutical products, operating primarily in a broad range of branded formulations, generic dosage forms and APIs developed through synthetic routes.

Azathioprine, a flagship product of RPG Life Sciences has dominant market share world-wide in immunosuppressant therapy. The domestic business has major presence in therapies like gastro-intestinal, pain management, cardio-vascular, nephrology, vitamins, respiratory therapy, antacid & urology with legendary brands like Lomotil, Lomofen, Naprosyn, Azoran, Aldactone and Serenace, Minmin Tonic, Romilast, Tricaine, Sildura.

A trusted name the world over, RPG Life Sciences has a global map of satisfied customers and continues to provide an accessible passage to quality healthcare through rigorous innovations and growing international partnerships.

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