RPG Blizzard 2019

On the 5th of December 2019, RPG conducted the Grand Finale of RPG Blizzard, its annual Business School competition. This year, the event was held in the form of a Grand Quiz that had 18 finalists who were amongst a total participant group of 2,790 across 13 Business Schools.


For RPG’s Campus Engagement team, the impetus was to create a striking campaign on campus, which would generate a buzz and leave an impression on the minds of the students. Following the success of the 2018 edition of Blizzard, the team envisioned to make this year’s version more ground-breaking and accessible by going completely digital. The competition was open to students from both years following which the top 2 individuals from each B-School came together to form a team for the finals. Among the 9 teams that made it to the finals, the 3 teams winning teams were offered Pre-Placement Interview opportunities. With Quizzer Bender in the first round and Online Treasure Hunt in the second round, the participants moved to the final round, the Business Challenge and Masterclass. Three caselet topics were given to the winners with a deadline to be adhered to. In addition to that, assistance was provided in the form of a masterclass by our leaders. With each year showing more impressive results than the next, the winners were rewarded generously.


In addition to the handsome grand prize, the winners were given an opportunity to lunch with the Chairman of RPG Group, Harsh Goenka himself.